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Jerome Hillion hair and make up is a unique hairdressing and make up experience, giving you the perfect one to one professional service from start to finish in the most luxurious environment.

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Special Offers:

20% off all services on your first visit, if you recommend a new customer to the salon or if you are staying as a guest at the Walpole Bay Hotel.

10% off all services if you pre-book with Jerome before you leave the salon. (This discount will not apply if you cancel or change the pre-booked appointment).

20% off all services for senior citizens (from 65 years of age) only applicable Wednesday and Thursday between 10 am and 4 pm.

20% student discount available on presentation of a valid card.

Introducing new services: manicures, pedicures, and gel nail polishes

Jerome Hillion Hair And Makeup’s top priority is the customers’ health and satisfaction. We’re only using top-quality cutting-edge products for our manicure and pedicure services.

Our salon is committed to using the most amazing products available on the market for making your manicure and pedicure experience super-luxurious.

Non-toxic gel nail polish

We are incorporating non-toxic gel nail polish brands into our manicure services.

Our salon has added Orly GelFX gel nail polish to our selection of gel nail polishes that we are using on our clients.

Some clients are afraid to try gel manicures because they believe that gel nail polish can harm their nails.

That’s why we prefer to use the safest possible gel nail polishes for our clients.

Even though gel nail polishes are mostly harmless, they can still contain some unpleasant ingredients.

That’s why we prefer to work with non-toxic gel nail polish brands, whose products are completely free of those components.

Orly GelFX is our preferred polish for all of our manicure and pedicure services.

It’s a 9-free gel nail polish that is infused with vitamins and minerals to strengthen the nails while they are coated with this product.

GelFX non-toxic gel nail polish is free from formaldehyde, toluene, etc.

It won’t destroy or weaken the client’s nails. The nails will grow stronger under the vitamin-infused gel nail polish coating. The clients will be able to grow their nails longer. No more peeling or cracking of nails that makes the clients cut them short.

You can be sure your nails will stay healthy after you book an appointment at our salon.

UV lamps with safe settings

Since we are committed to the safety of our customers, we prefer using safe nail equipment in addition to the safest nail materials possible.

Our state-of-the-art UV nail lamps are equipped with a safe low power setting.

This setting prevents heat spikes while the customer cures their gel polish or polygel nails. It’s especially handy when curing the first layer of any gel manicure — gel base coat. People often feel burning and even get real burns on their nails and fingers during the base coat curing process. This setting eliminates the risk of heating and burns.

Our clients can be sure they won’t get their nails and fingers damaged by overheating when they are at our salon using our lamps.

Polygel and dual forms

We are one of the first salons in our area to debut the new polygel material for building nail extensions for our clients.

Polygel is a strong and safe material for making nail extensions that will be on par with acrylic nails.

It sets very quickly and is extremely strong, just like acrylics.

At the same time, it’s safe for your nails and skin. This material is known not to cause bad reactions even for those people who have a problem with gel nail polishes.

Our salon’s nail technicians work with polygels very quickly. So they can create a whole set of strong and beautiful polygel nail extensions in under just a couple of hours.

Another plus of polygel nails is that our nail technicians don’t need to use a smelly monomer, like the one used for acrylic nails.

That’s why polygel nails are perfect for those clients that are sensitive to chemical smells or allergic to acrylic monomer.

Advanced pedicure chairs

We have just equipped our salon with new and innovative plumping-free pedicure chairs with foot massage.

These chairs are super comfortable.

We always properly rinse, sanitize, and maintain the pedicure bowls of these pedicure chairs to keep them free of harmful bacteria and fungi that can affect our clients.

Enjoy a relaxing and safe pedicure procedure while our nail technician works on your toenails.

Acid-free nail prep

We use special safe and acid-free nail bonders and primers to ensure gel nail polish, acrylic, and polygel nail extensions stay longer on your nails.

These nail preparation products are non-harmful for your natural nails and won’t affect the skin around the nail plate and cuticles.

At the same time, they increase the longevity of your manicure so you can safely wear your new nails for at least two weeks without lifting.

Our nail prep products are certified as safe and acid-free.

Again, you can be absolutely sure that a visit to our salon will be safe and won’t harm your nail plates and skin.

Sterilization and sanitation

Our salon’s staff is very serious when it comes to the sterilization of our tools and equipment.

You can rest assured that a visit to our nail salon is absolutely safe for your health.

We use a multi-step procedure to keep all our salon and tools sterile and any germ, bacteria, and fungus-free.

First, we use disposable and non-reusable emery board nail files, gloves, and orangewood sticks used for pushing away the cuticles.

Each of these items is only used once and is either disposed of, like orangewood sticks, or given away to the customer, like emery board nail files.

Our salon uses medical-grade autoclaves to sanitize all our non-disposable reusable tools, such as nail drill bits and nail clippers.

We sanitize all reusable tools in medical-grade autoclaves for at least 20 minutes before each new use, even though this is not required by the Board of Barbering and Cosmetology.

The autoclave uses high pressure and steam to kill all known infective organisms. It’s the most important step for disinfecting manicure tools and many salons skip this procedure.

We at the Style Paradise Salon never skip this step. All our sanitation and sterilization procedures get fully documented and time-stamped.

All the reusable metal tools are placed in special bags with a color indicator and are inserted into an autoclave.

When the indicator changes color that means the sterilization procedure is finished and the tools in that bag are completely safe and clean.

Out nail technicians always take a bag with freshly sterilized instruments and unpack them from that special bag in front of the client.

We also rinse and thoroughly sanitize all our sinks and pedicure bowls in barbicide for at least 10 minutes, as required by the Board of Barbering and Cosmetology.

Rest assured that we always work and do everything for your safety and luxury comfort.

Welcome to our salon, you can book an appointment through our bookings page and we will be happy to serve you.

About Us

Jerome Hillion is a unique hairdresser with his own method for shaping and cutting hair, as well as his own brand of products, that he’s created with the help of fellow hairdressers and friends. His philosophy of hair is based on two guiding principles: firstly, that the hair is the most important thing in the world and secondly, that it is beautiful in all its forms. The result is that his approach is totally individual.

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